Australia' best cosmetic tattooist

permanently based in Darwin

Never worry about panda eyes and lipstick on your pillow again! A non-invasive procedure that highlights your best natural assets permanently. Your eyes and lips are in good hands - Katy is one of Australia’s most recognised permanent makeup specialists, honing her skill for over 19 years and winning Australian Cosmetic Tattooist of the year in 2017.

A similar process to regular tattooing, but requiring specialised application skills to assess your natural skin pigment. Permanent cosmetics, Micro-pigmentation and Cosmetic tattooing are all methods that describe methods of implanting pigments and colour into the skin. In general with these methods the colour or pigment is not implanted as deep as a body tattoo and do not last as long.


Permanent Eyeliner


Eyeliner tattoo is amazing for enhancing your features with a very natural application to the top or bottom eyeliner, or both. Every client has different requirements and unique eyes, so a consultation is required to discuss needs and desired look.


Permanent Lip Stain

Athlete Recovery

The technique has been refined over the years and is now referred to as lip tinting – no more 1990s dark liner! The results with lips are incredible, creating an even, full look without nasty chemicals and a permanent, natural colour.


Lip Tattooing
Lipliner60 min.$ 700
Lipliner & Blend60 min.$ 850
Full Lip Colour75 min.$ 1200
Eyebrows & Eyeliner
Upper Eye Liner60 min.$ 550
Lower Eye Liner60 min.$ 500
Upper & Lower Eyeliner75 min.$ 1050
Eyebrow Microblading60min.$ 700

Colour Correction

Salt & Aroma

There are many reasons that a client may need colour correction performed, usually resulting from therapists who have not been properly trained.  Katy is able to correct issues resulting from colour, bleed, or heeling issues.


Eyebrow Microblading


Katy specialises in fine feathered hair strokes, referred to as microblading. This is the most natural type of cosmetic tattooing however there are many different techniques that can create stronger more defined brows, or ombre powdered brows.