Why is an assessment so important?

With so many options and so much advertising telling you what to do, it can be confusing to know what is going to work best for you and your skin.

Just as you are a unique individual, your skin and its many layers will behave differently to others - so the causes of skin concerns vary from person to person.

What we do at Advanced Body Image

At Advanced Body Image, we strive to take away this confusion by providing a search based on the problem you are trying to solve, rather than feed you unwanted marketing based on a sales target. To back this up, we provide a free skin assessment that uses science to evaluate exactly what is happening through all your layers. This helps us to identify the solutions that will best work for you, and you alone.

We provide our clients with a complimentary consultation for all our services and undertake a skin analysis using the new 7th Generation advanced digital skin analysis system VISIA.

This scientific approach uses a perfected imaging system in combination with a comprehensive consultation with our fully qualified Dermal Therapists. Results gained by the VISIA skin analysis system help to create a framework for individual treatment plans based on your specific needs.


Knowing your unique skin profile is the first step towards complexion health and vitality. VISIA can determine the state of your skin, both on the surface and underneath it. The multi-spectral image and analysis from the VISIA system gives a clear, multi-dimensional insight into the individual aspects of your complexion which affects your overall look, and serves as a guide in developing your personalized skin treatment plan.