DMK MediPedi

Gives you the confidence to put your best feet forward, working to revise the deepest cracked heels.

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What Is DMK MediPedi?

Get your baby feet back, DMK’s signature MediPedi® goes beyond your average foot scrub. You will feel like you are walking on soft clouds. MediPedi® is designed to soften and dissolve hard dry callouses, cracked heels and rough dry skin on the feet, working to revise what can be deep canyon like crevices. You will have the confidence to show off your bare feet with the visible and tactile improvements that can be achieved in just one treatment.

DMK’s MediPedi foot treatment works to:

  • Remove callouses and hardened, yellow skin
  • Remove painful corns
  • Revise cracked heels leaving your skin soft and smooth​
  • Rough, dry skin build-up
  • Revise dark, pigmented areas
  • Remove any fungal or bacterial infections

How Does DMK MediPedi Work?

A paramedical alkaline procedure to remove dead skin build up on the feet without the use of blading. DMK’s MediPedi Treatment guarantees amazing results in just one treatment leaving the roughest, most cracked and calloused feet smooth and soft.

What To Expect?

It is a totally non-invasive treatment that does not require the use of acids, harsh chemicals and other solvents nor does it rely upon on cutting or other harsh mechanical methods of removing the build-up of hardened, dead skin.