DMK Stretchmark Revision

Designed to soften, swell and dissolve damaged tissue in order to be stimulate the tissue to re-knit.

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What Is DMK Stretchmark Revision?

Stretch marks or ‘striae’ are a form of a scar resulting in white or silvery scar tissue typically in the breast, abdomen and thigh area. Stretch marks most commonly result when the skin stretches rapidly due to rapid growth or weight gain, pregnancy, muscle building or puberty.

To revise stretch marks, DMK aim to rebuild a smoother, firmer tissue to replace the old damaged tissue.


How Does DMK Stretchmark Revision Work?

The removal systems can be combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids blended with retinoids and applied to the area professionally. Home use of retinoids will advance the results and an occasional ‘Alkaline Wash” treatment can further plane down the stretch marks that have raised and reddened edges with deeper furrows in the centre.

A Body Enzyme series of treatments will help tighten the epidermis on older stretch marks. Skin that loses its elasticity over time creates a deeper stretch mark appearance as well. Firming the skin makes the marks appear less deep and rippled.

What To Expect?

Each individual will have their own unique treatment plan done up for them, depending on desired results.