Energist ReGen LED Light Therapy

Regenerates elastin and collagen for younger looking skin

Down Time

6-8 recommended

Treatments Required

6-8 recommended


Instant with long term results

What Is ReGen Light Therapy?

Originally created in the US for healing injuries in space travel, this non-invasive skin treatment is the secret weapon of many celebrities. 

A versatile and painless treatment with no recovery time, different lights can be used to treat a number of issues as a stand alone treatment, or to enhance the effects of facials, chemical peels, botox, restylane, microdermabrasion and pulsed light treatments.

RED Light – enhances cell stimulation and proliferation, promoting skin regeneration and reducing inflammation. It is used to:

  • Reverse sun damage
    Reduce wrinkles
    Accelerate wound healing post surgery
    Reduce scarring
  • Improve metabolism
    Assist with pain relief
    Reduce stretch marks
    Reduce skin redness
    Increase Collagen production to slow visual signs of ageing
    Reduce symptoms of psoriasis
    Calm eczema
    Reduces spider veins and broken capillaries
    Promote elastin production for tighter skin
    Cell regeneration and renewal
    Ease swollen capillaries
    Increase lymphatic flow

BLUE Light – promotes oxygen production to destroy acne producing bacteria. It is used to:

  • Kill bacteria that forms acne
    Fights production of acne bacteria
  • Reduces blemishes and freckles 
  • Reduce skin inflammation

How Does ReGen Light Therapy Work?

LED light improves skin health on a cellular level, promoting Elastin and Collagen production by stimulating the cells to work harder. This results in improved cell health, extending the lifetime of cells and reducing inflammation.

What To Expect?

A younger, brighter version of yourself! Treatments only take about 30 minutes. ReGen LED Light therapy is 100% painless and non-invasive. There are no side effects and no recovery time.