Laser Genesis


Laser Genesis is a noninvasive laser that uses technology to gently heat the upper layers of the skin by distributing laser energy over thousands of micro pulses. The gentle heat stimulates new collagen regrowth and gives a beautiful glow to the skin.

Laser Genesis is the ultimate lunchtime procedure—your skin will be completely rejuvenated in under a half hour, there is minimal to no downtime and our treatment is always customized to your skin on the day for best results.

Laser Genesis has been scientifically proven to improve the appearance of

  • excessive redness and rosacea
  • unsightly small veins and capillaries
  • large, open pores
  • acne and surgical scars

It can be used to correct many skin conditions including diffuse and excessive redness/rosacea, uneven skin texture, and large open pores, it is also highly effective in the treatment of acne and scarring. Relax and enjoy the benefits – the gentle warming of the skin is relaxing and pain-free. Depending on the skin condition to be addressed, treatments can range from fifteen minutes to an hour and the number of treatments required can range from two to six or more. Treatments are two to four weeks apart.

Down Time

0 days

Treatments Required

Varies by issue treated



What is Laser Genesis?


How does Laser Genesis work?


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