Non-invasive treatment for benign skin conditions

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What Is IPL & VPL?

Energist Ultra VPL is a non-invasive treatment for benign skin conditions, such as pigmentation, sun damage, facial redness, broken capillaries, acne scarring, enlarged pores and fine lines.

Capillaries, Rosacea, Cherry Spots

These are conditions where small veins become visible on the skin’s surface. With the Energist Ultra, light energy is absorbed by the blood vessels that form these imperfections. The absorption process breaks down the vessel walls and allows the body to recognise this as waste and removes them through the lymphatic system. The Energist Ultra is very effective for these conditions with a series of treatments bringing about a lessening of facial redness.

 Acne and Acne Scarring 

Energist Ultra improves both active acne and acne scarring by destroying the bacteria that causes the infection. Acne is healed significantly following a course of treatments and skin texture and tone is improved as the Energist Ultra initiates further collagen production.

Open Pores and fine lines 

Collagen is the substance in our bodies that keeps our skin looking youthful and smooth. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less and less collagen, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The light from the Energist Ultra stimulates cells in the body to produce more collagen resulting in a smoother texture, smaller pore size and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

How Does IPL & VPL Work?

Ultra’s Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) works by penetrating the epidermis, or the top layer of the skin, with a specific wavelength of light that targets the dermis where melanin, hemoglobin and collagen reside.

The advanced computer installed in the Energist Ultra VPL, operated by highly trained technicians, regulates the wavelengths of light being emitted, administering the correct wavelength and exposure to the conditions being treated, allowing for a safe, effective treatment without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light” IPL devices emit a broadband, diffuse light source that is composed of visible and infrared wavelengths of light. 

VPL means “Variable Pulsed Light” and this allows the operator to vary the treatment to suit client needs.

What To Expect?

After a full consultation and case analysis with highly trained staff, a comprehensive treatment program is developed to match your individual needs, detailing all of your treatment requirements, as well as a detailed pre and post treatment program to ensure that you achieve the optimum results from your treatments.

 During the procedure, visible light is absorbed in the microscopic capillaries in the skins surface and raises the temperature enough to stimulate the natural repair system, including fibroblasts that create collagen. This process re-moulds, thickens and tightens the collagen layer. Diminishing fine lines and open pores.

Unlike traditional laser treatments, leaving the surface layer of the skin undamaged reduces the recovery time so you are able to return to your normal activities immediately.

Initially the treated pigmentation will appear darker, however within approximately 2-4 weeks this will diminish and a clearer complexion will become visible. 

Multiple sessions may be required to produce the desired result with maintenance treatments often necessary. The body recognises the de-natured melanin as waste and begins to expel it from the body, through the cellular system, rapidly migrating it to the surface of the skin. This process can leave the skin looking a little ‘dirty’ until the expelled cells are desquamated (sloughed off), usually at around 10 days post treatment.