For all the men

Who want to be their best

Over the years Advanced Body Image has seen an increasing interest from men of all walks of life who are interested in skin and body solutions. We have tailored programs that target problem areas for men, with the solutions varying greatly from those for women due to the different cellular structure of our skin and hormones.

We have packaged these together to cover areas of hair loss, hair removal, skin correction, back cleansing and much more. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss options available for your specific concern, or book an appointment only today.

Mens Facial2


Men's Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

DMK's focus is improving the long-term health of the skin, not on quick fixes. The skin chemistry is an ecosystem and functions similarly to a factory, the product that that factory produces is what you see on the skin's surface.

The DMK concept REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN works to regulate and enhance the internal functions and structures of the skin to maximum capacity.Ideal treatment for clearing deep congestion and soothing reactive skin.

Mens Back Cleanse

Men's Back

Cleansing Skin Treatment

This treatment removes impurities and restores condition to the skin on your back. We begin with a detoxifying exfoliation to reveal the renewed, smoother skin. The skin is steamed to soften it and open the pores. An organic healing mask is then applied to draw out impurities to further condition the skin.


Mens Laser


Hair Removal for Men

VASERshape is the only non-invasive treatment to combine ultrasound and massage therapy for a safe, effective and relaxing experience with little to no downtime. VASERshape is truly a unique treatment that targets specific areas of fatty and uneven tissue with visible results on 3-5 sessions. No pain medication is required and can be used to treat multiple body areas.


Cosmetic Tattoo

for balding

For men with balding and hair loss, scalp tattooing or scalp micro-pigmentation creates the illusion of hair follicles - giving the look of a closely shaved (full) head of hair. The procedure uses tiny, layered dots in different hues of black to replicate the look of a shadow on your scalp.

Prices for this treatment vary, so please book in for a complimentary consultation to discuss you needs and pricing.

Mens Fat Removal


Permanent Fat Removal

Say goodbye to the ‘Dad Bod’ and hello to the ‘Summer Bod’.

Have you noticed your jeans hugging you a little too snug? Your favorite polo just not fitting like it used to? Stubborn fat doesn’t just affect women, and thanks to the CoolSculpting® treatment, it doesn’t have to affect men either. Men are turning to CoolSculpting® to freeze away stubborn fat with the number one fat reduction treatment.*

spray tan for man


Spray Tan

Most men get spray tans for the same reason women do: because they want to look more in shape for vacations and holidays, healthier for weddings or family portraits.

Spray tan for men  helps create a healthy skin tone, not to mention accentuating the muscles.