Coolsculpting is a procedure we perform by the hundreds in Darwin, and for very good reason – it’s fast, there is no down time, it works and most importantly its permanent! Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong.


This procedure uses a process called Cryolipolysis, a method where fat cells are sustained at a temperature of 4 degrees using controlled cooling. When this temperature is maintained for 45-60 minutes, the fat cells undergo a process called Apoptosis (natural cell death). Once a fat cell is gone it simply cannot regrow. Amazing right?

Fun fact: Did you know from the time we are born, our bodies are growing and multiplying fat cells, and continue to do this to support our growing bodies throughout adolescence. Once we have finished our adolescence however, we no longer continue to grow fat cells. The ones we do have, as we gain and lose weight, will expand and shrink accordingly, but not multiply.


The treatment itself is quite comfortable, there is a strong vacuum applicator applied to the pocket of fat, which feels quite cold for 5-10 minutes but quickly subsides and feels numb. Once the cycle is complete, the applicator is removed revealing a ‘butter stick’ of frozen fat cells. This butter stick is then massaged down to elevate the natural removal process. After apoptosis, the body removes these cells naturally as waste, never to return again!


The tissue draw into the applicator on the lower abdomen.


The cycle duration is typically one hour, with most clients opting to do 4 or more cycles on the one day. The room is lovely and spacious with dimly lit chandeliers, free WiFi, over 160 movies to choose from and Netflix for your perusal.

Pictured here is a client we’ve recently had the pleasure of treating with Coolsculpting. She has had two children and is otherwise fit and healthy, aside from a few stubborn pockets of fat on her abdomen. The first photo is on the day of treatment, before we began. The second image is at her 12 week review after one session. We did 3 cycles in total, 1 large applicator on her lower abdomen and 2 smaller applicators on her upper abdomen. The results really do speak for themselves and just another reason why we love what we do so much!

The ‘butterstick’ of frozen fat cells immediately after the applicator has been removed.


Typically, clients can expect to see full results from about 12 weeks post treatment, however the majority of our clients report noticing a visible difference within as little as 6 weeks.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing treatment, or book a complimentary consultation and full body analysis, please phone (08)89 856088. We would love to see you!

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