Lumenis FemTouch Vaginal Laser

An innovative leading edge CO₂ laser treatment designed to effectively treat and address common vaginal health

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What Is Vaginal Laser?

emTouch™ is an innovative leading edge CO₂ laser treatment designed to effectively treat and address common vaginal health related aspects whilst promoting the formation of healthy vaginal tissue growth, by stimulating collagen production. FemTouch uses fractional CO₂ laser technology, resulting in a gentle controlled vaporization and coagulation of the vaginal lining to improve:

  • vaginal laxity/vaginal tightness
  • vaginal rejuvenation
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Itching
  • Bleeding 
  • discomfort during intercourse
  • Vulvovaginal Atrophy (VVA)
  • urinary Symptons UI and UTI

How Does Vaginal Laser Work?

FemTouch was developed by Lumenis, an international industry leader in laser technology. Lumenis worked together with world-renowned gynecologists. They ensured that FemTouch is safe, comfortable, and effective. FemTouch is also FDA-approved and clinically proven to get results.

FemTouch promotes the stimulation of new vaginal tissue growth, by triggering collagen production.

It is suitable for the following scenarios:

A female patient who is 20 to 60 years old and wishes to improve her vaginal health
A female patient who experiences vaginal dryness, itching, and/or pain, which is sometimes related to menopause
A female patient who wants to improve her vaginal laxity, a problem that is sometimes related to childbirth
A female patient with symptoms of stress urinary incontinence

What To Expect?

During your FemTouch treatment, your technician will insert a sterilized applicator along the vaginal walls moving in an outward motion, applying the laser in a 360˚ pattern to the vaginal tissue. This pattern ensures thorough and even coverage. FemTouch is the latest in non-invasive, painless laser vaginal treatment, and triggers new tissue growth.

Simple and comfortable out-patient procedure taking just a few minutes, with satisfying outcomes after just 2-4 sessions.

No anesthesia or special post procedure care is required. Women who have FemTouch treatments typically require two to four sessions for the very best results, but many patients experience improvement after just one session.

FemTouch is a permanent treatment, but because aging can change their anatomy over time, some women need to have an extra session every year or two in order to maintain their results.