Your Skin Problems

We all have that issue with our skin or body that bugs us. For some, skin and body issues can be debilitating for our confidence. At Advanced Body Image, our goal is to make you feel as confident as you can by providing solutions that work for your individual needs.




Living with acne and acne scarring can kill your confidence. Our solutions are based on the most advanced scientific treatments available.



The package includes full access to the Thermal Spa Experience, recommended to be used both before and after your treatments.


Facial Hair

For some this happens as we get older, for others it is caused by hormonal imbalance. Whatever the cause, we'll find a solution that works for your skin and hair growth causes.


Skin Conditions

There's no need to live with troubling skin conditions like rosacea, pigmentation, melasma or spider veins. We can tailor a program for optimal results.


Skin Damage

Whether the causes are environmental or a few too many vices, our treatments will help repair damage from the sun, smoking, surgery and environmental conditions


Tone & Complexion

Every person has unique skin concerns that change throughout life. Our tailored treatments work to solve your unique concerns.



Women (and men) have been searching for ways to remove body hair for millennia. By offering numerous solutions we can provide the best treatment to suit you.


Sometimes our best efforts can't fight time, genetics or chemistry. Luckily science has provided the technology and Advanced Body Image has the solutions.


Child birth, menopause and genetics mean that for some women a cough, sneeze or laugh can't be trusted. Laser therapy can resolve incontinence, pain and improve laxity for an improved sex life and no more 'accidents'