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Cellulite, Circulation, Body Contouring & Stubborn Fat Reduction

Sometimes all our best efforts just can't move that stubborn fat. Sometimes nature and genetics just haven't worked in our favour. Advanced Body Image offers a number of clinical treatments to move stubborn fat, contour the body, reduce cellulite, lift and tighten the skin and improve the overall performance of your skin's elasticity and circulation. You'll not only look great, you'll be able to step out with confidence (with or without clothes on).




Individually designed program to gain maximum results in anti-aging and firming the skin. Each treatment is performed weekly for fast effective results. All treatments include pre-exfoliation, enzyme therapy, Dermafield infusions and Hydrophilic massage.




Turkish Experience

Remove stubborn fat permanently without surgery.The CoolSculpting® fat-freezing procedure destroys unwanted subcutaneous (underneath the skin) fat cells in different areas of the body. It works on removing stubborn fat from the abdomen, thighs, bra fat, double chin, flanks and sides or upper arms.




Ultrasound Therapy

VASERshape is the only non-invasive treatment to combine ultrasound and massage therapy for a safe, effective and relaxing experience with little to no downtime. VASERshape is truly a unique treatment that targets specific areas of fatty and uneven tissue with visible results on 3-5 sessions. No pain medication is required and can be used to treat multiple body areas.



Body Enzyme

DMK’s signature Enzyme Therapy Treatment is specifically designed to encourage the bodies skin to perform at its best. This unique solution is used to help revise cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, crepe-like loose skin, poor circulation, ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, scarring, stretch marks and acne.

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Z Wave

Pulse Technology

The Zimmer Z Wave uses mild, consistent sound wave therapy delivered to the treatment area over a series of treatment sessions. The Z Wave is FDA cleared for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite and to enhance body contouring results.