A - lift

A pilates session for your face

Down Time


Treatments Required



5-10 days to take effect

What is A-lift?

Individually designed program to gain maximum results in anti-aging and firming the skin. Each treatment is performed weekly for fast effective results. All treatments include pre-exfoliation, enzyme therapy, Dermafield infusions and Hydrophilic massage. Homecare products are essential during the A Lift.

A Lift is designed for the tightening and firming of sagging, sun damaged and aged skin.

A series of anti-aging treatments will be designed on an individual basis which depends on your individual needs. It utilises DMK Muscle Banding technique to tighten and tone the skin, while triggering motor point of the muscle to lift and firm the skin.

How does A-lift work?

A-Lift is a treatment program intended to stimulate, tone and tighten the underlying structure of the skin by combining unique DMK products with the DMK muscle banding application technique. It is designed for use on mature, lipid-dry skin. It may be used on most skin types (except people with a typically darker oriental or sub-continental complexion and some darker skin tones which can be prone to pigmentation).

A-Lift utilizes pro alpha #1, prozyme, melanoplex drops and enzyme masque #1 during the program to exfoliate dead cells, flush and expel toxins; exercise, tone and tighten the skin and facial muscles; and help improve skin functioning to assist in the rebuilding of stronger, healthier tissue. A-Lift is a program of 12 treatments over a period of 12 weeks. While A-Lift should give a definite improvement and restore health to the skin, topical chemistry cannot guarantee a 100% outcome and the technician cannot provide a definite timeframe in which to expect optimum results. Results will vary from person to person as each individual’s skin will respond differently.

What to Expect?

A gradual removal of dead skin occurs over the period of six, eight or 12 weeks depending on the recommended number of courses needed. The A Lift provides amazing results in dramatically reducing redness and unsightly capillaries and reducing unwanted dilated pores. The A lift provides these results without any peeling or down time.

The products recommended during the A Lift series include DMK cleanser, Vitamin C, Beta Gel, Herb and Mineral Spray, Seba E, Night Firming cream, Transdermal Sun Block, Revise A and EFA supplements. The appropriate products will be prescribed depending on the individual.

The A Lift series is highly recommended following the DMK Six Layer Peel