Cosmetic Tattooing

A pilates session for your face

Down Time

1-10 days healing

Treatments Required

1+ complimentary touch ups


Last 1-5 years

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Never worry about panda eyes and lipstick on your pillow again! A non-invasive procedure that highlights your best natural assets permanently. Your eyes and lips are in good hands - Katy is one of Australia’s most recognised permanent makeup specialists, honing her skill for over 19 years and winning Australian Cosmetic Tattooist of the year in 2017.

A similar process to regular tattooing, but requiring specialised application skills to assess your natural skin pigment. Permanent cosmetics, Micro-pigmentation and Cosmetic tattooing are all methods that describe methods of implanting pigments and colour into the skin. In general with these methods the colour or pigment is not implanted as deep as a body tattoo and do not last as long.

How does Cosmetic Tattooing work?


The technique has been refined over the years and is now referred to as lip tinting – no more 1990s dark liner! The results with lips are incredible, most clients want to tattoo their lips to create a more even and fuller look, often with minimal or very soft colour. The reason for this is as we age, and our skin is affected by sun damage, cold sores and collagen loss, this often results in loss of colour loss where the lipliner would have been, in this case we can re-create a lipliner and blend the colour down into the natural lip pigment. This is called a Lip line and blend or in some cases a full lip colour. Vivid stronger colours are also possible in the case where you have a favourite colour and look forward to not having to apply lipstick constantly.


Eyeliner tattoo is amazing for enhancing your features with a very natural application to the top or bottom eyeliner, or both. Katy is also well known for creating dramatic or extended eyeliners for clients wanting to re-create the way they apply make up they wear every day or on special occasions. Every client has different requirements and unique eyes, during your consultation Katy will explain the options and considerations that influence the best outcome.


Eyebrow tattooing can create many different effects, Katy specialises in fine feathered hair strokes often referred to as microblading. This is the most natural type of cosmetic tattooing however there is many different techniques that can create stronger more defined brows, or ombre powdered brows. Your eyebrows are a particularly important part of your face and enhancements with tattooing can create a more full, even and symmetrical brow.


Katy has been providing this service free of charge to men and women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. Passionate about giving cancer survivors back their confidence, this form of tattooing is highly effective in recreating the illusion of a natural nipple. 

What to Expect?

Cosmetic tattooing is performed in many ways using different types of equipment. The name of the device that holds the needle describes the application method. The categories of equipment and methods are as follows: Manual Hand Tool method (also called Microblading, Hand Tap or Non-Machine method); Coil Machine method (a smaller version of the traditional tattoo machine); Analog Pen or Rotary Machine method (most commonly used); and Computerized Digital Machine method (most sophisticated technology). Katy has trained extensively in all of the above techniques and this has enabled her to create a very technically advanced method of application individual for each procedure.

Due to the sensitivity of the skin most clients feel minor discomfort that varies according to their pain threshold and response to anaesthetics. People describe what they feel in different ways such as irritation, scratching or pressure. 

Katy uses medical grade topical aesthetic creams and gels before and during all procedures to numb the area and minimize discomfort during the procedure. Often Clients are surprised that it was more comfortable than they expected and faster than they realised also. 

Those with body art comment that the cosmetic tattooing is painless compared to traditional tattooing. Overall, people feel the benefits and results far outweigh any brief discomfort they might have experienced during the process.

Before and after shot of areola tattoo
Before and after shot of areola tattoo
Before and after shot of lip tattoo at Advanced Body Image
Before and after shot of lip tattoo at Advanced Body Image
Eyebrow Tattoo