DMK Pro Peel

Progressively reenergises sluggish skin and improves skin tone and texture

Down Time


Treatments Required



Permanent with ongoing skincare

What Is DMK Pro Peel?

Pro peel is a progressive resurfacing skin revision process, for people who don’t want the down time or have darker skin prone to hyper-pigmenting.

A progressive 6-8 week peel with no down time, it helps reenergise sluggish skin and improve skin tone and texture. The Pro peel is a series of six treatments which is designed to cater for a multitude of skin conditions. Skin can be aged and contain congestion, red veiny skin, pigmentation and scarring. This series can be tailored using all our methods depending on what is needed. A treatment is recommended each week, and the method utilised will be determined on each individual.

How Does DMK Pro Peel Work?

ProPeel is a resurfacing program intended to remove the surface epidermal cells of the skin. The program has been designed to help reduce wrinkles, light scarring, and uneven skin tones. It may be used on most skin types (including people with a typically darker oriental or sub-continental complexion and some darker skin tones which can be prone to pigmentation).

The ProPeel solution is an exclusive blend of protein eating enzymes, messenger enzymes and a Vitamin A derivative. The program is usually performed over a 6, 8, 10 or 12 week period. While ProPeel should give a definite improvement and restore health to your skin, topical chemistry cannot guarantee a 100% outcome and the technician cannot provide a definite timeframe in which to expect optimum results. Results will vary from person to person as each individual’s skin will respond differently.

What To Expect?

The technician will perform an Enzyme Therapy Treatment for the purpose of improving skin function and to flush and expel toxins and rebuild stronger, healthier tissue. The technician will then finish the treatment by applying range of DMK products designed to provide transdermal nutrition to your skin
During the treatment, you may experience some mild stinging and burning sensations, these sensations will subside. 

Beginning the day after the treatment, you can start cleansing your skin as normal with your prescribed DMK regime. Sunblock is highly important if going outside – even if it’s just driving the car.  

During the treatment program your skin may peel. Regardless of how severe the peeling is, you must not pull, pick, or scratch at the dead skin. To do so will increase the chance of infection. It is very important that you allow this skin to detach naturally.

You should use your regular DMK Home Prescriptives and continue professional maintenance treatments in order
to maintain your results.