Six-layer Peel

An innovative leading edge CO₂ laser treatment designed to effectively treat and address common vaginal health

Down Time


Treatments Required



2 weeks recovery, no down time

What Is DMK Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel?

A safe and effective resurfacing procedure designed for maximum and fast results when treating thickened aged skins or congested/acne skins. Includes two days of layers applied and two enzyme treatments to heal and hydrate.  DMK homecare products are required as part of the treatment.

It has been designed to help reduce wrinkles, light scarring, and uneven skin tones. It may be used on most skin types (except people with a typically darker oriental or sub-continental complexion and some darker skin tones which can be prone to pigmentation). 

How Does DMK Lunch Time Peel Work?

The Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel is an exclusive blend of natural plant and fruit acids applied in layers. The strength of the formulation and the amount of layers applied depends on the individual’s skin condition and genetic type.

During a five to seven day period after the application of the 6 Layer Peel, the skin will temporally lose water levels which enables the skin to harden and peel back.

Any congestion will be forced to the surface and dark pigmented and thickened skin will be lifted off. This all occurs in the same way skin normally sheds only faster, making it a very safe alternative to laser peels or medical peels.

What To Expect?

One week after the first layers are applied a lift off enzyme treatment is performed to heal and re-hydrate the skin. This is followed by another enzyme treatment one week later, including infusions of Vitamin C serum, Beta Gel, Seba E, hydrophilic massage and Eye Tone infusion.

The DMK 6 Layer Peel  is recommended once a year, as this will provide you with the boost needed to keep your skin looking its very best and providing optimum anti-aging. This peel provides you with not only a smoother, clearer, more refined complexion but also improves in the functioning of the skin at a cellular level. Along with monthly treatments,  you can obtain the ultimate in quality skincare.